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Published: Tuesday, February 05, 2019

CONFERENCE - VCE Biology Teachers Conference 2019

A11 Human Evolution: Trends, anomalies and new discoveries

Presenter: Richard Allan

The most recent discoveries (2017-2018) and new scientific data gathering techniques will affect how you teach this exciting but challenging topic. This presentation will explore recent advances in scientific thinking and modelling of human adaptive radiation. See how BIOZONE has developed annotated 3D models that allow students to explore early human anatomy on their own devices. Explore curated content on Pinterest and the potential of 3D printing models of early human skulls for the classroom. Workshop attendees will each receive a free copy of BIOZONE’s VCE Biology for Units 3&4 student edition, plus a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

Suitability: VCE Unit 4

Just the one workshop to be advertised.