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Year 12 Biology

Presentation Media

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$399.95 incl tax
Suitability Year 12 Biology
Format DVD-ROM
Number of Screens 905
Licence Type Full Site
File Types PowerPoint, Keynote
Compatability Mac OS & Windows

Product Description

Presentation Media series for Year 12 Biology provides a beautiful collection of 905 slides that can be used for a lecture-style presentation using an Interactive Whiteboard or a digital projector.

The DVD-ROM contains fully-editable slideshow presentations in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats to enhance your lessons. A generous site license allows files to be placed in every computer on your campus.

Topics in this series include:

Topic Slides #:
1 The Chemistry of Life 103
2 Cellular Energetics 47
3 Cell Signalling and Homeostasis 136
4 The Nature of Pathogens 45
5 Defence and the Immune System 61
6 DNA and the Genetic Code 32
7 Cell Division 28
8 Gene Technology 49
9 Regulation of Gene Expression 28
10 Inheritance 109
11 Population Genetics 57
12 The Evidence of Evolution 37
13 Evolution 42
14 Human Evolution 108
15 Huma Intervention in Evolution 23
Total 905